City of Djinns (Dalrymple)

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“Dr Jaffery said that very few people in Delhi now wanted to study classical Persian, the language which, like French in Imperial Russia, had for centuries been the first tongue of every educated Delhi-wallah. ‘No one has any interest in the classics today,’ he said. ‘If they read at all, they read trash from America. They have no idea what they are missing. The jackal thinks he has feasted on the buffalo when in fact he has just eaten the eyes, entrails and testicles rejected by the lion.”
– William Dalrymple
Public and participative discussion on William Dalrymple‘s travelogue City Of Djinns: A Year In Delhi (1993)
You can find a PDF of the book here here, or you may purchase a copy here.
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Jugaad Hostels, RK Puram, Delhi
Sunday 19 June, 5:00 pm
Some photos by Vasu Agarwal :